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The International Conference 'The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century' has become the most important event in Latin America about classical liberal thinking and contemporary contributions to the Austrian school. The conference has grown consistently since the beginning, gathering top speakers and international scholars. Its interdisciplinary audience makes this event extremely appealing to any person interested in classical liberalism and who wants to get familiar with the research influenced by thinkers like Menger, Böhm-Bawerk, Mises, Hayek, and Kirzner, among others.

Nicolás Cachanosky (Argentina)

The main authors of the Austrian school promoted their theories using seminaries – which also created other great economists – and Conferences to discuss their perspectives and contrast them with other visions. This was the case of the prestigious ‘Verein für Sozialpolitik.’ The Austrian school conference organized by Fundación Bases picks up that spirit and continues with the work of such remarkable economists.

Martin Krause (Argentina)

I had a great time at the Sixth International Conference on Austrian Economics in Rosario, Argentina. Besides the excellent fellowship and food, it was truly the most rewarding academic experience for me. With my specialization in the history of economic thought and capital theory, the papers presented at this conference were the most interesting to me of any conference I have attended.

Robert Murphy (United States)

The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century is a great conference. The turnout was impressive and so was the quality of discussion.

Ben Powell (United States)

I attended the Austrian Economics in the 21st Century conference sponsored by Fundacion Bases in August 2018. The whole event was intellectually stimulating and the organizers were friendly, helpful, and engaged. It was a wonderful gathering of scholars, businessmen, political activists, and students, all dedicated to the study of Austrian economics and the advancement of classical liberalism.
I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in sound economics and the pursuit of liberty to attend future conferences organized by Fundación Bases.

Alexander Salter (United States)

The Austrian Economics Conference in Argentina is the only conference I know of that brings together all the best scholars from Latin America and around the world to pursue the latest advances in Austrian economics and related disciplines in an open, hospitable environment that encourages debate and honest pursuit of the truth.

Mark Skousen (United States)

The International Conference on ‘The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century,’ mounted every other year in Rosario, Argentina, by the Fundación Bases, has become a premiere destination for economists with ‘Austrian’ sympathies. There you can hear not only globally renowned senior economists, but also up-and-coming young thinkers bringing fresh ideas from Latin America and beyond.

Larry White (United States)

The Conference hosted by Fundación Bases every two years is the most important academic event in Latin America about the Austrian School and different philosophic ideas of the free society. It is the place where we catch up with most updated research and we become better prepared to fight the battle of ideas.

Gabriel Zanotti (Argentina)