Keynote Speakers

María Blanco

María Blanco | Spain

María Blanco has a PhD in Economic Science and Business Administration by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She currently teaches at the School of Economic and Business Sciences of the Universidad San Pablo-CEU. She also collaborates with many of the post-graduate programs offered by CMT Group and Swiss Management Center.

Blanco is author of many academic articles and of the book "Las tribus liberales." She is the editor of the "Business Club" section of in Spain. Blanco has taught lectures and seminars in countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Nicolás Cachanosky

Nicolás Cachanosky | Argentina

Nicolás Cachanosky (Argentina) holds a Licentiate in Economics from the Universidad Católica Argentina (2004), a Master in Economics and Political Science from ESEADE (2007) and his PhD is from Suffolk University, Boston, United States (2013). He is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, Sound Money Project fellow and co-editor of the journal Libertas: Segunda Época.

His research has been published in journals like Global Economic Review, The Review of Austrian Economics, Advances in Austrian Economics, The Independent Review, The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Latin American Journal of Economics, The Review of Political Economy, Journal of Financial Economic Policy, and the Journal of the History of Economic Thought among others. He’s also member of the Mont Pelerin Society.

Robert Murphy

Robert Murphy | USA

Robert Murphy is a Research Assistant Professor at the Free Market Institute (FMI) at Texas Tech University. Dr. Murphy earned his B.A. in economics from Hillsdale College and his Ph.D. in economics from New York University. He is currently the Senior Economist at the Institute for Energy Research, Senior Fellow with the Fraser Institute, Associated Scholar with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, and a Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.

Dr. Murphy has authored numerous scholarly articles and energy policy studies, over 100 popular publications for lay audiences, and multiple books. His most recent book is Choice: Cooperation, Enterprise, and Human Action (Independent Institute, 2015). His current research focuses on the economics of climate change as well as the impact of minimum wages.

Fernando Nogales Lozano

Fernando Nogales Lozano | Spain

Fernando Nogales Lozano has a PhD in Sociology by the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, and a Masters Degree in Austrian Economics by Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid. He is an international consultant for family-owned companies and he is the Coordinator of the Collection "Empresa Familiar" of Unión Editorial (Spain).

He has published several books and articles on his field, such as "La importancia del empresario familiar en la riqueza de los países", "La formación económica de las empresas familiares desde la perspectiva de la Escuela Austriaca de Economía," and "Empresas Familiares: La profesionalización de los consejeros de Familia", among others.

Mark A. Notturno

Mark A. Notturno | USA

Mark Amadeus Notturno worked closely with Sir Karl Popper, and has lectured on his philosophy in over twenty countries. He is the author of “Hayek and Popper: On Rationality, Economism, and Democracy,” “On Popper; Science and the Open Society” and “Objectivity, Rationality and the Third Realm.” He is also the editor of “Perspectives on Psychologism” and “Karl Popper’s The Myth of the Framework” and “Knowledge and the Body-Mind Problem.”

Notturno earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University. He was the director of the CEU’s ‘Popper Project’ from 1994-1999 and conducted over forty international workshops, seminars, and summer schools for philosophers and scientists during that time. He is currently a Fellow at the Interactivity Foundation (IF), where he has directed governance projects on ‘The Future of Employment’, ‘Global Responsibility for Children’, ‘Money, Credit, and Debt’, ‘Democratic Nation Building’, ‘Property’, ‘Science’ and ‘Privacy’. He is currently directing an IF project on ‘The Future of Free Speech.'

Gabriel Zanotti

Gabriel Zanotti | Argentina

Gabriel Zanotti has a PhD in Philosophy by the Catholic University of Argentina. He is Director of Instituto Acton Argentina and professor at Universidad Austral, UCEMA, ESEADE, and UNSTA.

Zanotti is author, among others, of "Antropología filosófica y economía de mercado," "Introducción a la Escuela Austríaca de Economía," "Economía de Mercado y Doctrina Social de la Iglesia," "El método de la economía política," "Nueva introducción a la escuela austríaca de economía," "Introducción filosófica a Hayek," "Fundamentos filosóficos y epistemológicos de la praxeología," and coauthor of "Elementos de Economía Política."