Conditions for submission of papers and deadlines

Papers will be sent via e-mail: an abstract first, enrolment form, and then a detailed summary and the lecture itself (all of them in RTF format).

Thematic Areas

  • Economics
  • Epistemology
  • Methodology
  • Political Philosophy
  • Readings on the Austrian School of Economics
  • Classical Liberal and Libertarian Thinking

Abstract length should not be more than 100 words.

Deadline for abstract reception is August 9th – 2019.

Enrolment form file should be completed together with the abstract.

Please complete the Enrollment Form Here

Limit length of lectures is 4000 words, including footnotes and bibliography.

Deadline for reception of papers is September 9th – 2019.

Centered title, in italics and lowercase, followed by authors’/s’ name(s), institution s/he/they belong to and thematic area the paper corresponds to. Letter Times New Roman 12, 1 ½ spaced

A detailed summary of no fewer than 350 words should be sent in a separate sheet, in which the title of the paper and its author/s name/s should be included.

Official languages is English.

Acceptance of papers will depend on their evaluation and relevance.

E-mails should be sent to the following addresses:
Please send e-mails to both addresses to avoid reception problems.

Fee: Lecturer: 150 €

(Forms of payment will be informed in due time)


  • Donors of Fundación Internacional Bases: registration free.
  • Donors of the Austrian Economics Center: registration free.
  • Donors of the Hayek Institut: registration free.
  • Students, alumni, and faculty of CMT Group: registration free.
  • University Students: registration free.