2016 AE | The Austrian School of Economics in the 21st Century

Executive Summary

The Event of the Year!

I had a great time at the Sixth International Conference on Austrian Economics in Rosario, Argentina. Besides the excellent fellowship and food, it was truly the most rewarding academic experience for me. With my specialization in the history of economic thought and capital theory, the papers presented at this conference were the most interesting to me of any conference I have attended.

Dr. Robert Murphy
Free Market Institute - Texas Tech University

In August 2016, Fundación Bases, together with CMT Group and the School of Economics of the Catholic University (UCA), organized what is considered to be the Event of the Year. So much so that Robert Murphy asserted it was the best conference to which he has ever attended. The Austrian Conference has caused a great impression on attendees for different reasons.

Firstly, the 2016 edition featured the largest program thus far: over sixty accepted papers, six Keynote Speakers and eight special events. Thus, the Conference continues to instate its brand and quality of event, a “must-attend” occasion.

The prestige of the Sixth Austrian Conference Keynote Speakers has undoubtedly helped arouse so much interest: from the US attended Robert Murphy, economist and professor at the Free Market Institute (Texas Tech University), and Mark A. Notturno, philosopher and close associate of Karl R. Popper; from Europe joined María Blanco –author of “Las tribus liberales”– and Fernando Nogales, a well-known international advisor to family enterprises who has written several books; and from Argentina, Nicolás Cachanosky, professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Gabriel Zanotti, one of the most brilliant philosophers in Latin America, were invited.

Assistance hit a record: four hundred people, from twenty-two different countries in three continents (America, Europe and Australia), attended the event.

One attendee made it very clear: “Everyone is here.”

The fact that almost half the attendees were college students was also highly significant. One of the main goals of the Conference is introducing young people to liberal ideas, especially those of the Austrian School of Economics. We believe that attracting so many students signals we are on the right track.

Focused on young people, we set up the “Master and PhD Program” Workshop at the Free Market Institute (Texas Tech University). Robert Murphy and Gonzalo Macera described the Program led by Benjamin Powell and explained how to apply.

Nonetheless, this workshop was not the only special event in our program.

The Tribute Panel for Juan Carlos Cachanosky was, definitely, the most emotional moment in the Conference. Dr. Cachanosky, who passed away at the end of 2015, had been a mainstay of our Conference and the Austrian School intellectual leader within the Spanish-speaking world. During the panel, six major perspectives of his thought were discussed. His sons Iván and Nicolás spoke, as well as his brother Roberto. His daughter Alejandra and wife Beatriz sat among the audience.

Wenceslao Giménez Bonet, Juan Carlos Cachanosky’s friend and associate in CMT Group, delivered a workshop centered solely on Dr. Cachanosky’s educational perspective.

With the support of FNF – RELIAL, we were able to feature Carlos Sabino. During the Sixth Conference, Dr. Sabino launched his latest book “Los senderos de la libertad” (RELIAL, Mexico, 2016).

The Conference also served as the background for two major international releases. The Free Market Road Show had its first “stop” in Latin America. The 2016 Property Rights Index was also launched for Latin America during the Austrian Conference.

But that was not all…

Fundación Bases, together with the Acton Argentina, organized debates and presented videos about liberalism and poverty.                     

Furthermore, throughout the Conference, the American IF Foundation coordinated a discussion seminar, which was led by Mark Notturno and his wife, Ieva.

Finally, at least two publications containing materials from the Sixth Conference will come into existence. On the one hand, some of the Conference presentations will be published in the academic journal “Libertas Segunda Época.” Also, Federico N. Fernández is currently working on a book to attest the collaboration between Fundación Bases and FNF – RELIAL during the Conference.

Fundación Bases members would like to thank our co-organizers and generous sponsors. None of what we accomplished would have been possible without them.

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